Recommended FBA/FBM Gear - from Research to Setup to Launch

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Recommended Shipping Gear

Tape Measure

This is required for shipping, because every shipment is priced by the dimensions of the item and the weight, you need accurate dimensions when you’re shipping into Amazon or doing FBM.

Tape Gun / Tape

Another requirement is securely tightening those pages!

Box Cutters

You will be churning through lots of cartons and FBA returns, get used to breaking down boxes.

Bundle Stickers

A great way to sell more is to sell in bulk. These stickers help you sell bundles and to make sure they’re received properly at the warehouse.

Label Printer & FBA Labels

This is a nice-to-have, but definitely useful once you’re doing any decent volume on Amazon. Get yourself a label printer, plus FBA shipping labels, and FNSKU Item labels!

My favorite label printer is the Rollo.

1x3 labels

4x6 labels